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William Jowett of Beeston, Nottinghamshire : 1839-1856

Sergeant William Jowett, the son of Enoch and Jane Jowett, was born at Breaston, Derbyshire on 9th January 1830. When he was about five, his parents moved with their family to Beeston seeking work in the lace trade. When he was 12, his mother died leaving his father with seven children. Two years later he married again and, five further children were added to his family. After a typically unhappy experience as a child worker in the lace trade, and not wishing to be burden on the family, he set off from Beeston to seek other opportunities and soon settled for a career in the Army, enlisting on January 8th 1847.

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The story of William's early life, his diary and letters written by him while serving in the Crimean and during his time in hospital after being wounded, were published in his memory after his death. They tell the moving story of a hard-working. thoughtful, devout and loyal young man who maintained his spirit and courage despite the deplorable conditions he found himself in at the Crimea. He fought courageously at Alma, Inkerman and twice at the Redan Battery before being struck by a shell on September 8th 1855 which necessitated the amputation of his right leg. Despite being brought home to England, he died - maintaining his courage to the end - at Plymouth Hospital on October 11th 1856, aged 26 years

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William, and three other Beeston men who died in the Crimean War, are remembered on a memorial which survives in Beeston churchyard. Such memorials to the Crimean campaign are very unusual in a community the size of Beeston and Beeston is almost unique in having three outside war memorials - including also one for the fallen of the Boar War and another for the two World Wars.

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