Children of Clifford & Fanny Wallett ("Madame Jefferies")

Ada & William Wallett

Left Photograph: Ada Loughlin née Wallett "The Great Zazell". This photograph was taken in a studio in San Salvador which appears to indicate that the circus travelled through Central America.
Right Photograph: William Wallett, Ada's brother, with his wife, Florence May, both equestrians, and baby Rose. This photograph was taken about 1900 in a studio in Henderson, North Carolina where the family lived up to about 1920 when they moved to Havre de Grace,Maryland.

Photographs by permission of Claudia O'Lary Balcziunas, a descendant of the Wallett/Loughlin family and of Mose Coleman who works to preserve old photographs and to make them available through Judith Robertson's website, Robertson Register.