Alex Owen - Opening of New Beeston Shop - c1960

The first Alex Owen shop in Beeston had opened in 1952, at 132 High Road but, by about 1960, it had been outgrown and it relocated to a prime location in the centre of the town - at 14-16 High Road, next to Victor Oade's, opposite the end of Wollaton Road.
The shop had previously been the location of Beeston's first grocery supermarket - Burtons - and provided first-rate facilities on two floors.

AO Beeston 1

The eye-catching shop frontage

AO Beeston 2

The attractive ground floor sales area

AO Beeston 3

There was even a coffee bar, upstairs on the first floor

AO Beeston 4

And, records were on sale too, on the first floor

AO Beeston 6

And, of course. audio equipment - including tape recorders - and early transister radios, that had started to appear in 1957.

By this time, Alex Owen had also extended its products into a much wider range of household goods - such as sewing machines (shown right)

AO Beeston 5

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