Alex Owen Service Department

Alex Owen Repairs

Part of the fully equiped repair workshops

Alex Owen Radio Control

Radio control to direct the van fleet

David Stimpson (shown right) has written to describe his wonderful memories of working at Alex Owen as a TV engineer.

He describes it as 'one of the happiest work locations I ever experienced. It was like one big family, no one ever seemed to leave - not in the service department at least'.

After joining Alex Owen in September 1962, he spent almost nine years as part of the team of mobile engineers, based at Station Road, Beeston and working in every town and village in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

In August 1971, he was appointed to be in charge of the field service operations - still 47 vans and still based at Station Road. K Allcock was then in overall control there, with D Peel in charge of the workshop. This continued until June 1975 when he was moved to Long Eaton to open a service department for ex-Alex Owen rental customers, now under the Loyds Surevision name.

Dave Stimpson

Dave and his van outside the Station Road HQ

Alex Own Van Fleet2

The mobile public address and closed-circuit television unit - another Alex Owen innovation

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