1st Beeston Boys' Brigade - Skegness Camp - 1898

The first annual Beeston Boys' Brigade camp was held in Skegness from 9th-16th July 1900. The camp was under the command of Stephen Strachan Rogers, assisted by five other officers, with 36 other ranks.

Boys Brigade Camp 1898
The Fatigue Party - setting up camp
(Lt to Rt)Quarter-Master Sergeant E Frost, Private J Lowe, Lieut. E S Rogers, Private J Hewitt, Corporal J Lowe, Capt Stephen Strachan Rogers, Private F Solloway

Boys Brigade Camp 1898
A General View of the Camp

Boys Brigade Camp 1898   Boys Brigade Camp 1898
Left : The Quarter-Master and his staff - (Lt to Rt): Q-M Sgt E Frost, Lieut E S Rogers, Lance Corporay G Lowe
Right : At Dinner

Boys Brigade Camp 1898
The Ambulance Section
Standing (Lt to Rt) : Bugler A Barnes, Private G Bagnell, Lieut Atkinson, Private O Atkinson, Private O Spray, Private J Hewitt
Kneeling (lt to Rt) : Private F Frettingham, Bugler H Williams, Private W Brecknock, Private J Lowe

Boys Brigade Camp 1898
Number 1 Tent - Standing (Lt to Rt) : Bugler Williams, Staff Sergeant H Bellamy, Lance Corporal Cragg
Sitting : Captain Stephen Strachan Rogers
In Front (Lt to Rt) : Private E Wilkinson, Bugler A Barnes, Private O Spray, Private J Lowe

Boys Brigade Camp 1898
Number 4 Tent - Standing (Lt to Rt) : Corporal J Speed, Private F Solloway, Sergeant G A Ratcliffe
Sitting (Lt to Rt) : Private Kirchin, Lieut. Atkinson, Lance Sergeant S Shirley
In Front : Private J Hurst, Private G Bagnall

Boys Brigade Camp 1898
Number 3 Tent - Standing (Lt to Rt) : Sergeant A Burnham, Captain Stephen Strachan Rogers, Corporal H Garland
Sitting (Lt to Rt) : Private J Solloway, Private G Torrence, Private H Fisher
In Front : Private G Costall

Boys Brigade Camp 1898
Number 5 Tent - Standing (Lt to Rt) : Qtr-Master Sergeant Frost, Lieut. E S Rogers, Lance Corporal G Lowe
Sitting (Lt to Rt) : Private O Atkinson, Staff Sergeant W Harper, Private L Atkinson
In Front (Lt to Rt) : F Frettingham, Private J H Spencer, Private A Winfield

Boys Brigade Camp 1898
The camp paraded for inspection by "S B Kingdon esq" (Captain of 15th Nottingham Company) - probably Samuel Broughton Kingdon (1872-1951).

These excellent images are reproduced from a photograph album which was put together at the time, including captions and names, by Stephen Strachan Rogers. It remained with him until his death in 1962 and was then retained within the family. We are very grateful that his great-niece, Alison Hollingsworth, realising its local importance, has now kindly made it available.

As always, we welcome comments any further information.

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