Beeston Fields Secondary Modern School, Beeston, 1964

Mr Arden's Class

Mr Arden's Class

Identified individuals in the photograph are :
Back Row : *, Peter Goulding, Paul Tomlinson, John Maddison, Paul Drozdz
Centre Row : Trevor Whitting, *, Anthony Cornish, David Bluff, *, Colin Hudson(?), David Wildey, *, Anthony McAvoy, *
Front Row : Douglas McKaig, *, *, Peter Morley, *, Peter Jack Church, Albert Stanley, *

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Other who are believed to appear in this photo (in alphabetical order) are :
Steven Blagg, Andrew Leslie Bramley, Michael Clay, M Kerry, D Morris, E Waldram, J Whitehorn, M Wood, David Wright
Suggestions for the allocation of these names to faces would be very welcome

Thanks to Peter Church for identifying many of those in this class

Mr Barker's Class

Mr Barker's Class

Those who may appear in this photo (in alphabetical order, with two not appearing) are :
John Bell, Maurice Billson, David Bonser, B Busuttel, I Carlin, B Farmer, C Grey, R Hammond,
T Hancox, T Hough, R Hurt, D Jackson, M Nuttall, Stephen Slater, Stuart Slater, Trevor Swain

Suggestions for the allocation of the names to faces would be very welcome

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J H Arden Currently Unidentified Peter Goulding Paul Tomlinson John Maddison Paul Drozdz Trevor Whitting Currently Unidentified Anthony Cornish David Bluff Currently Unidentified Colin Hudson(?) David Wildey Currently Unidentified Anthony McAvoy Currently Unidentified Douglas McKaig Currently Unidentified Currently Unidentified Peter Morley Currently Unidentified Peter Jack Church Albert Stanley Currently Unidentified