Bunning/Bonning Known to be Clerics

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Abel Bunning
c. 1677
d. 1717
Chr 16 Sept 1677 at Glaston RUT, son of Christopher and Dorothy. Ordained Priest (Peterb) 1712. Buried 7 July 1717 at Glaston.
No known marriage.
Camb, Emmanuel (matric 1695), BA 1699, MA 1702. Longden and Venn state he was rector of Aller SOM: but he does not appear in that PR. He signed Glaston RUT PR 1709-1717, burial record here says 'late Rr of Aller in SOM.' PRs of Aller and Glaston; Longden; Venn. Will of 1719.
Abraham Bunning
b. ca 1680
Origin unknown.
May be the Abraham who m. Anne Macesly 1628 in Thrussington LEI; no known issue.
Unknown, not found in alumni lists.Cleric at Ragdale LEI; signs as 'rector' or 'reader' 1605-6. BT of Ragdale; institution cards at Leics RO.
Anthony Bunning
b. 1589
d. 1614
Son of Thomas of Desford, cleric; c. 1589; bu. 1614 in Desford.
Died on return from Oxford after 'Mgs of Arts' per PR.
No known marriage.
Oxf, Lincoln (matric 1606, age 17), BA 1610, MA 1613. Unknown. PR of Desford; Foster; Clark; CCEd Person ID 9931
David Bunning of Brunting­thorpe LEI
b. 1662
d. 1723
Son of Thomas of Stoney Stanton, cleric; c. 1662; bu. 1721 in Brunting­thorpe.
a) m. Frances Penton (a clerical fam) 1687 in Brunting­thorpe; issue: Catherine 1689, Thomas 1693 (m. Anne Pitt 1718 at St Clement Danes, LND), Frances 1697, John 1702.
b) m. Deborah Jeffs in Cottesmore 1721; no issue. [She is untraceable.]
Oxf, New Inn Hall (matric 1682, age 19), BA 1686. Rector of Brunting­thorpe NTH 1687-1710, of Cottesmore RUT 1711-1721. Foster; BT and PR of Brunting­thorpe and Cottesmore.
John Bunning
fl. 1450/1
Noted as Rector of Bisley SRY in 1450/1 Unknown, not found in alumni lists Rector of Bisley SRY. SOG Card File.
John Bunning
b. ca 1592
Unknown. Camb, Sidney (adm 1608 as 'Baning'). Unknown. Venn.
John Bunning of Denton NFK
b. 1627
Third son of Richard, gent., of Denton NFK; b. at Homersfield SFK. Signed the pedigree in Visitation of Norfolk, 1663. Camb, Caius, (adm 1644, age 17); Wymondham school (matric 1647), BA 1648. Unknown. Venn.
John Bunning of Uppingham RUT
b. 1702
d. 1737
Son of David of Brunting­thorpe, cleric; c. 1702 in Stoney Stanton; bu. 1737 in Uppingham; 1721 m. Susannah Maria Collin of Langham in Uppingham; issue: John 1732, Maria 1733, Mary 1735. Will leaves Bruntingthorpe advowson to wife.
[Other Bunnings in Uppingham at the time derive from Glaston RUT.]
Oakham school. Camb, St Johns, BA 1723. Ord deacon (Peterb) 1723; priest 1733. Curate of Burley on the Hill RUT 1723-4; usher at Uppingham 1725; cleric at S Luffenham RUT 1725-32; curate of Stockerstone LEI 1729; of Bisbrooke RUT 1729-36. Longden; Venn; BT of Uppingham, Stockerstone, S Luffenham, and Burley; PR and BT of Brunting­thorpe; will of 1737. Oakham School records.
Richard Bunning of Lamport NTH
c. 1606
Son of Thomas of Lamport, cleric. Place of residence and death unknown. The will of father Thomas suggests the location of this son then unknown. A major mystery.
No known marriage.
"Educ at home". Camb, Sidney (matric 1622, age 15), BA 1626. 'Brother of Thomas, 1627.' Unknown. Venn.
Richard Bunning of Suffolk
b. ca 1614
'Of Suffolk', according to alumni record; otherwise unknown. Camb, Emmanuel (matric 1631). Unknown. Venn.
Robert Bunnyng of Barnby NRY
d. 1667
Unknown. Unknown. Cleric of Prebendary of Barnby NRY. Death mentioned by Wood.
Robert Bonyng of Holme Hale NFK
fl. 1582
Unknown. Unknown. Rector of Holme Hale NFK; PR notes 'ego Robertus Bonyng Rector de Hale.' PR of Holme Hale.
Thomas Bunninge of Desford LEI
fl. 1559-1608
Origin, marriage, and wife's name all unknown. [This may be the Thomas who married Eliz Clarke 1582 in Manton RUT.] Issue: Mary 1583, Agnes 1586, Anthonie 1589, Alice 1591. Marriages of Bunning girls not c. in PR, but prob. his daus:
1) Frances in 1606 m. John Abell, 'clark of Newbold';
2) Anne 1606 m. Timothy Whiting, later a cleric and son of Giles Whiting of Etton NTH and Maria Carew of ESS. [Nathaniel Whiting, Timothy's brother, m. Frances Bunning, dau of Richard Bunning of Whittington STS, suggesting a connection between the Bunnings.]
Unknown, not found in alumni lists. Appears as Rector of Desford in earliest PR, 1560-1606 or -16 (PR unclear). PR of Desford; Visitation of Leics 1619.
Thomas Bunning of Stoney Stanton LEI
b. 1609
d. 1676
Son of Thomas of Lamport, cleric; c. 1609 in Lamport. Captured and imprisoned in London when Parliamentarians stormed Grafton House 25 Dec 1643.
a) Unknown date in Hinckley LEI m. Judith ?. Issue: Judith ?, John ?, Richard ?, Thomas 1647.
b) Abt 1660 m. Frances White. Issue: David 1662, Catherine 1664, Frances 1669.
May have been interim at Sarum Cathedral 1655 per Walker p 376.
[Where was he 1643-1660; who was Judith]
Educ at home. Camb, Sydney (matric 1627), BA 1631, MA 1634. 'Brother of Richard, 1622.' Cleric at Grafton Regis, NTH 1640-43. Chaplain to Lady Mary Crane; presented for the living, but denied by the Northampton classis. (Walker quotes son David as saying Thomas was cleric of 'Asley' WAR, but no record found.) Rector of Stoney Stanton 1660-1676. Venn; Lamport PR; FitzRoy; Thomason item E. 79. (24), dated 29 Dec 1643; Baker; Walker; BT of Ansley and Anstey WAR; PR of Hinckley.
Thomas Bunnynge of Lamport NTH
b. ca 1580
d. 1636
Origin unknown; all known events occurred in Lamport, NTH. First appears 1605; 1607 licenced to teach school. Served the Isham family as a trusted agent; 1629 presented by Sir John Isham to Lamport Church.
a) 1605 m. Anne Bamford. Issue: Richard 1606, Thomas 1611. Wife Anne d. 1616.
b) 1627 m. Anne Isham. Issue: Elizabeth 1628, John 1632, Richard 1635.
Died 1636; will indicates the whereabouts of the elder son Richard unknown, inventory of £95. [Thomas christened 3 sons 'Richard', suggesting that was his father's name.]
Unknown, not found in alumni lists. Curate and school-master at Lamport NTH; curate of Faxton NTH 1607-1614. Rector of Lamport, 1629-1636 Longden; Lamport PR; documents in Lamport Hall; will of 1636.
Thomas Bonning of Ullesthorpe hamlet, Claybrooke LEI Origin and other data unknown. Only record is an entry in the 1841 census in which he gives his age as 35 and profession as 'Curate'. A wife Sarah Bonning, 25, is listed. He may conduct a school; six boys age 10-15 reside with him, including a James Bonnin. Not found on other records. Unknown. Unknown. LDS film 438746: the 1841 census of Guthlaxton hundred, LEI.
William Bonyng Origin unknown. Unknown. Rector of Brundall NFK 1350-1365, of Blownorton NFK 1365-1368. Letter of Tripp with photo of church record
William Bunning of Coventry WAR and Dronfield DBY
b. 1766
Grandson of John of Uppingham (above) and son of John (gent.) of Uppingham. C. 1766 at Coventry, Holy Trinity WAR. Married Elizabeth Cartledge 1809 at Dronfield DBY; noted in record as ’the reverend, clerk’. Died 1818 in Whittington DBY.. Sister was Mary Simpson. Oxf, Trinity, BA 1787. ‘AB’ noted in Phillimore’s mar rec. Apparently ordained, but living unknown. Performed a wedding 1793 at St Michaels, Coventry WAR; did occasional baptisms in Whittington DBY 1814-8. Foster; a personal note from a correspondent. Phil Mar Index. Whittington PR. CCEd Person ID 9714
Zaccheus Bunnynge of Market Harborough, LEI
b. 1590
d. 1623
Origin unknown. Married Ellen Dillingham 30 Oct 1618 at Coventry, Holy Trinity. Issue: Elizabeth c. 1620 in E Farndon NTH, Anne c. 1621 in E Farndon, Henry ?, Zaccheus (b. posthumously).
Deathbed will of 1623 names father Christopher, an uncle Henry Dillingham, also a cleric, and his son Henry. Was active in parish poor relief. PRO records suggest Christopher lived in Clipston NTH and his wife was Constance.
Oxf, Merton, BA 1611, MA 1617. Curate/Rector of Mkt Harborough LEI 1618-1623. VCH, Leics; Mkt Harboro PR; Clark; Foster; Longden; will of 1623.

Shaded rows indicate individuals known to be related to Samuel Theodore Bunning (and therefore L W Bunning, the compiler)

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