Wedding of Raymond William Cragg to Emily May Thornhill - 11 August 1923

Family groups taken in the back yard of the Thornhill premises at 55/57 High Road, Beeston

Cragg Wedding 1

The bride and bridegroom surrounded by members of both families.

Grouped on the bride's side are members of the Thornhill family with Isaac, her father, with the large moustache, standing prominently at the back. Her mother, Emily Hinde (née Barnes) Thornhill, is seated on that side, next to the bride's younger sister and bridesmaid, Constance Thornhill. Though not definitely identified, it is likely that the man standing at the back, in front of the small window, is Isaac junior, the bride's brother. The small boy at the front is likely to be Isaac Edward Hugh Thornhill, the son of Isaac junior and his late first wife, Hilda Irene (née Seppings).

Seated the bridegroom's side, as bridesmaid, is his sister, Constance Cragg. It is likely that the other seated lade is his mother, Harriet (née Swinscoe) and that his father, Arthur Cragg, is standing, second from the left. Standing between the bridesmaid and groom's mother, is the best man, possibly Arthur Bertram Cragg, the groom's brother. His other brother, Louis Frederick Cragg is probably standing at the back between the bride and groom.

The photograph also gives a rare glimpse of the rear of the Thornhill premises. Earlier, before number 53 was sold to the Co-op, it had opened out to Villa Street and its outbuildings, in early times, had been part of the cluster of small workshops in the Villa Street area, that had been the origins of lace making in Beeston. In conversation with David Hallam in the early 1980s, Emily May Cragg recalled, as a young girl, seeing old wooden lace machines which had survived in outbuildings there.

Cragg Wedding 2

The bride and groom with their attendants : standing left is the best man, probably Arthur Bertram Cragg. Standing right is Isaac Thornhill, the bride's father
Seated are the bridesmaids, Constance Cragg (left) and Constance Thornhill (right). The page boy is believed to be Isaac Edward Hugh Thornhill.

Five years later, Constance Cragg became the second wife of Isaac Thornhill junior.

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