More Pictures from the Elliott Photograph Albums

Elliotts at Royal Oak
Alfred & Elizabeth Elliott
in the garden of the Royal Oak

Teatime with the Elliotts
Alfred, Emma, Elizabeth & Lily Elliott (with teapot) in the Royal Oak garden
The identity of the younger man is unknown

Alfred Elliott's Family

Alfred Elliott with his wife Elizabeth - surrounded by their family
Standing L to R - Alfred, William Edward and Bertie
Seated : Emma on left, Lily Ann on right, Harold Burnham Elliott in front

Alfred Elliott
Alfred Elliott
(c1852 - 1912)

Elliotts on Holiday
Elizabeth Elliott on Holiday
Marjorie Elliott in the centre, Emma Elliott on the right

Alfred Elliott Jnr
Alfred Elliott
(c1879 - 1947)

Elliott Children
Marjorie, Alfred Richard & Rosamund Elliott
Alfred & three eldest children c1917

William Elliott with mother
William Elliott with his mother Sarah
about 1918

Milk Cart 1
Milk Delivery Cart c1905
Possible Sarah Eaton who married Alfred Elliott1

Milk Cart 2
Possibly Richard Eaton with two of his family
? at their farm in West Bridgford

47 High Road
Elliotts' Butchers Shop
47 High Road, Beeston ? c1946

High Road Shop ? with Georges
47 High Road, Beeston
? with Mr & Mrs George c1913

Shop Interior
Interior of High Road Shop c1950
Alfred Richard Elliott, assistant Vera Heard (née Blacknell) and Marjorie Elliott

Chilwell Rd shop
Alfred Richard Elliott
Outside his Chilwell Road shop

Alfred Richard WW2

Alfred Richard Elliott - centre of middle row, just below the Officer
290 Corps Troops Composite Company, R.A.S.C. Catering Section - May 1944

Emma  Lily and George
Emma Elliott (left) with Lily Ann James (née Elliott)
and George Herbert James

Bertie Elliott etc
Bertie and Lillie Gertrude Elliott
with their daughter Dorothy

Marvin Wedding
The Wedding of Robert Marvin and Dorothy Elliott
The bride's parents Bertie & Lillie Gertrude are on the right
The matron of honour (right) is Kathleen Keeble, friend of the bride. The children are Pam Keeble & Brian Elliott

Alfred Joseph Elliott and Family
Adults L to R: Bertie Elliott, his wife Lillie Gertrude, thir son Alfred Joseph,
Bob Marvin, his wife Dorothy (née Elliott) and Maisie Alma Elliott (née Ward)
In front: Alfred & Maisie's children: Brian and Brenda (probably in the pram)

Elliott Family

An Elliott Family Gathering - August 1969
Back row standing L to R: Marjorie Elliott, Robert Marvin, Dorothy Marvin (née Elliott), William Eaton Elliott, Alfred Richard Elliott.
Front row seated L to R: Mrs Ward (mother to Maisie Elliott), Mabel Elliott (née Bignall), Lily Ann James (née Elliott), Maisie Elliott (wife of Alfred Joseph Elliott, who is probably taking the photograph), Gladys Evelyn Elliott (née Hankinson) and Emma Elliott.

Paper Bag 1
Early Elliott paper bag
Showing Queens Road & City Road Shops

Paper Bag 2
Elliott paper bag ?1930s
Showing Shop at 47 High Road

Paper Bag 3
Later Elliott paper bag
Showing the Chilwell Road shop

1The photographer's name embossed on the mount of the original is "H B Smith & Sons, Nottingham & Beeston". In the 1902 edition of Wrights Directory, James B Smith & his son (Edgar) are listed as photographers at 1 Portland Road, Nottingham (and a residence at Chilwell). They do not appear to be listed in Wright 1905 edition. This appears to date the photograph to pre-1905 and fits well with the age of Sarah Eaton.

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