Beeston Town Centre - early 1950s

Beeston Centre 1950s

An aerial picture from the early 1950s showing the wider area around the site of the proposed Embassy cinema site (now Foster Avenue car park)
Little of what is shown remains unaltered if at all and many may have difficulty recognising the landmarks.
However, these may be named by positioning your mouse pointer on significant features.

© David Hallam - 2010

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Site of Embassy Cinema (Foundation only) Gas Showrooms (now Spec-Savers) Trustee Savings Bank (now Lloyds-TSB) 2-4 Foster Avenue (Demolished - now part of carpark) Barlow's Hosiery Factory (demolished - now Civic Offices) Parish Church and Churchyard (memorials in original position) Church Street Schools (now converted to apartments) Post Office & Sorting Office (now partly the Last Post pub Palace Cinema Silk Mill (Almost all demolished) Victor Oade's Mensware Shop (now mobile phone shop) Shaw & Marvin factory (now demolished) Church Street, through to the Square (now closed) New Connection Chapel, facing onto Chapel St (now part of Shopping Centre site) Midland Bank (now HSBC, remodelled and extended) Library Swiss Mills (Burnt Down in 1984) Commercial Buildings (largely unchanged) Boots the Chemist - then in the Square (demolished for the Shopping Centre) Styring Street Old Town Hall (now demolished) Markhams Field (now part of Roundhill School site & Pearson Centre) Site of Catholic Church Wollaton Road Methodist Church The Forge Westminster Bank (now NatWest Bank) National Provincial Bank (Demolished - now Birds cake shop) Commercial pub Victor Terrace (demolished, now Health Centre) Wilkinson Avenue Commercial Avenue Parkes Lace Factory, Nuart Road (now offices) Fosters' House (Roundhill House) Oban House (Dr Thompson) - now Social Services Foster Avenue Chilwell Road Chilwell Road & top of Church St area (all demolished, now Wilkinsons, etc) Chapel St, top of Church St (demolished in 1960s for Shopping Centre) Foster & Pearsons Station Road Small carpark and vacant land on Foster Avenue The Square Bottom of Wollaton Road Wollaton Road Vernon Avenue/Villa Street area Garage Drapers shop - now part of HSBC