William Martin of Car Colston, Nottinghamshire

William, the son of Robert & Sarah Martin, lived his whole life in Car Colston, Nottinghamshire.
He worked as a bricklayer and farmer, served on the local School Board and had an interest in music
- and, it seems, he was also a photographer.

Martin Photographer

The upper imprint is from the reverse side of the photograph of his three sons (shown right)
The lower image is of William Martin's business card

Martin sons

A picture, taken by William, in 1867, of three of his sons prepared for a game of cricket. Left to right :
Albert Euerby Martin (1855-1944) who emigrated to Argentina where he became a a distinquished educationalist
Handel Tongue Martin (1861-1930), who emigrated to the USA where he became a world-known paleontologist and anthropologist
and, William Poynton Martin (1853-1938) who also took his family to the USA, in 1899

Wm Martin

William Martin (1819-1890), possibly from the 1880s

Wm Martin

Another photograph of William Martin in his later years

Photographs kindly supplied by Cirilo Enrique (Harry) Martin of Argentina, the gt-gt-grandson of William Martin

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