The Beeston Merryweather 'Gem' Steam Fire Engine

Fire Engine 2
Merryweather 'Gem' - number 2691 - Beeston Urban District Council, 1908-mid-1930s

Right : the engine's 'Business End'

Fire Engine 3

Fire Engine 1
Pumping at an event - on a 1¼ diameter nozzle it can project a jet of water 125 feet high

Fire Engine 6
Admiring spectators at another event

Merryweather 'Gem' Steam Fire Engine
Number 2691. Built 1908
In service with Beeston Urban District Council
Between 1908 and the mid 1930s.

Now owned by Chris Hutchinson

Pump capacity 400gals/minute. Suction lift up to 28ft maximum.
The engine is twin cylinder double acting, 10¼" dia bore x 6" stroke,
steam pressure 120lbs/in2.

The pump is twin cylinder double acting with 6" dia pump bores.
There are 8 suction and 8 discharge valves in the pump chamber.
The pump pistons are fitted with preformed leather buckets (like an old bicycle pump).

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