Ockbrook Moravians Visit Fulneck Moravian Settlement, Yorkshire, 1960

moravian group

moravian key
Use key numbers to find Hudston family members in the table below

Hudston Family Members shown in the photograph

Key Name Details
1Mrs Clara Cooknée Hudston. Baxter Hudston's daughter
8Ellen ('Nellie') HudstonWife of Alfred Hudston
9Alfred HudstonSon of James, brother to Baxter
12Walter CookClara's husband. He worked as the maintenance man at the Moravian School
17Christine HudstonWife of Amos
23Harold SelbyHusband to Mary Ann Hudston. Alfred's sister
26Amos HudstonSon of Baxter Hudston
29David HudstonSon of Amos and Christine
33Janet HudstonDavid's sister

Photograph, key and details kindly provided by A&J McGibbon of Ockbrook.

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