Dobson's Mill & Other Older Buildings

Dobson's Mill

Dobsonís Mill, looking west along Cross Street, with the Commercial Inn just in view across Wollaton Road.

Dobson's Mill, etc

Part of Pollardís Factory (Swiss Mills), from the north.
The narrow four storey factory to the left is probably the oldest building1. Cottages to the left, used as mending rooms,
had by the time of the photograph (late 1970s) been demolished.
Behind, just visible, is the three-storey building, known as the Fitting Shop, the first to be occupied by John Pollard.
The larger building, fronting Cross Street was known in the 19th century as Dobsonís Mill.
The clock and belfry were moved from the silk mill in the High Road c1904.

1 Our fatherís notes include a story of a worker, himself recalling his youth, who worked at night in the narrow four-storey building. His lady employer came from upstairs, in her nightclothes, to "box his tabs" for some misbehaviour. The worker had served in India during the 1857 Mutiny, so his boyhood would probably be in the 1840s. Thus the building then combined working and living accommodation.

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