Trentham Gardens Visit by an Ockbrook Group, 1950

Trentham group

trentham key
Use key numbers to find Hudston family members in the table below

Hudston Family Members shown in the photograph

Key Name Details
20Mrs Clara Cooknée Hudston. Baxter Hudston's eldest daughter
24Amos Hudstonone of Baxter's sons
39Christine HudstonWife of Amos
60Frances HudstonWife of Joe, one of Baxter's sons
73Mary Stevensnée Hudston - Baxter's daughter, mother of Ken and Jean
94Jeff Hudstonson of Joe and Frances
105David HudstonSon of Amos and Christine
112Jean Stevensdaughter of Mary and Ken's half sister
118Ken Stevensson of Mary and Jean's half brother

Photograph, key and details kindly provided by A&J McGibbon of Ockbrook.

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