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Blue Plaques Guide -

Plaques Guide In 2009, representatives from four local groups - Beeston & District Civic Society, Beeston & District Local History Society, Stapleford & District Local History Society and Bramcote Conservation Society - came together to form The Southern Broxtowe Blue Plaque Group, taking up the challenge of an English Heritage initiative which encouraged the marking of achievement in the East Midlands.

The group worked hard to achieve the splendid results we see today - a total of 34 plaques, erected throughout Beeston, Chilwell, Attenborough, Toton, Stapleford and Bramcote, which remind us of the links between extraordinary people who have shaped these communities and the places where they lived and worked.

Having erected the last of the plaques in October 2014, the Group went on to publish an excellent Illustrated Guide to the plaques which is available as a booklet and online, by clicking the cover image or here. There you will find all you need to search out these plaques - including address, National Grid Reference and a clear map.

Why not take the tour to seek them out? You will discover some interesting people and places from the past along the way!

Note : to display the booklet, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader available on your device.
Most devices will already have it install but, otherwise, it is obtainable from here