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Pubs, Inns, etc in Beeston

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Publicans, Beerhouse Keepers, etc in Beeston

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Boat (and Horses), Beeston Rylands
Year Name DescriptionSource
18416 June Richard HarwoodPublicanCensus
185130 March Richard HarwoodLic. VictuallerCensus
1854  Richard HarwoodInn KeeperWrights Directory
1855  Richard HarwoodPublicanPost Office Directory
1858  Richard HarwoodInn KeeperWrights Directory
18617 April Richard HarwoodLic. Victualler & FarmerCensus
1862  Richard HarwoodInn KeeperWrights Directory
1864  Richard HarwoodInn KeeperWrights Directory
18717 April Joseph EmersonInn KeeperCensus
1879  William Henry Scotton"Landlord"Cricket Archive
18813 April John ScottonBrewerCensus
1883  William ScottonVictuallerWrights Directory
1885  John JamsonVictuallerWrights Directory
1888  William CollishawVictuallerWrights Directory
18913 April Edward WoodhousePublicanCensus
19011 March Samuel SlaterPublicanCensus
1902  Samuel SlaterVictuallerWrights Directory
1905  Samuel SlaterVictuallerWrights Directory
1911  William BowerVictuallerWrights Directory
1913  William BowerVictuallerWrights Directory
1920  William BowerVictuallerWrights Directory
1941  Mrs Mary Gladys Cudworth Kellys Directory

Commercial, Wollaton Rd (Butchers Lane), Beeston
Year Name DescriptionSource
18416 June William YeomansPublicanCensus
185130 March William MarkhamInn KeeperCensus
1854  William MarkhamInn KeeperWrights Directory
1855  William MarkhamPublicanPost Office Directory
1858  William MarkhamInn KeeperWrights Directory
18617 April William MarkhamInn KeeperCensus
1862  William MarkhamInn KeeperWrights Directory
1864  William MarkhamInn KeeperWrights Directory
18717 April William MarkhamInn KeeperCensus
18813 April Maurice BootLic. VictuallerCensus
1883  Rosa BootVictuallerWrights Directory
1885  Rosa BootVictuallerWrights Directory
1888  Arthur BurnhamVictuallerWrights Directory
18913 April George DayLic. VictuallerCensus
18924 June John Robert NortonLic. VictuallerLicencing (to 7/11/96)
18967 November Harry FlowersLic. VictuallerLicencing (to 5/11/98)
19011 March William SmithPublicanCensus
1902  Henry ChaplinVictuallerWrights Directory
1905  Joseph HalladayVictuallerWrights Directory
1911  Cornelius WiddowsonVictuallerWrights Directory
1913  William SmithInn KeeperWrights Directory
1920  John Parramore???Wrights Directory
1941  William Henry Wood Kellys Directory

Cricketers Arms, Wollaton Rd (Butchers Lane), Beeston
Year Name DescriptionSource
18717 April Thomas CrossPublican & LacemakerCensus
18813 April Richard ArmstrongBeerhouse KeeperCensus
1883  Richard ArmstrongBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
1885  Richard ArmstrongBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
1888  Richard ArmstrongBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
18913 April Amy ArmstrongPublicanCensus
19011 March Albert HooleyPublicanCensus
1902  Alfred HooleyBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
1905  Sidney Frank StoneBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
1911  Sidney Frank StoneBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
1913  Sidney Frank StoneBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
1920  Sidney Frank StoneBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
1941  George William Stone Kellys Directory

The Crown, Church Street, Beeston
Year Name DescriptionSource
18416 June Samuel StarrCommon BrewerCensus
1844  Samuel StarrAuctioneer & BeerhouseWhites Directory
1848  Samuel StarrBrewer retailerLascelles & Hagers Directory
185130 March Samuel StarrBrewer & InnkeeperCensus
1853  Samuel StarrBeerhouse KeeperWhites Directory
1854  Samuel StarrBeerhouse Keeper(*)Wrights Directory
1855  William FosterBeer retailerKellys Directory
1860  John FosterBeerhouse KeeperDrakes Directory
18617 April John FosterBeerhouse KeeperCensus
1862  John FosterBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
1864  Mary Ann FosterBeerhouse Keeper(*)Wrights Directory
1865  Mary Ann FosterBeerhouse KeeperWhites Directory
1866  Mrs Margaret FosterBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
1868  Miss Mary Ann Foster Wrights Directory
18712 April William ClarkeLic. VictuallerCensus
1874  Joseph EmersonVictuallerWrights Directory
18813 April Henry HardyPublicanCensus
1883  Henry HardyVictuallerWrights Directory
1885  John BlatherwickVictualler & Aeriated Water MfrWrights Directory
1888  John BlatherwickVictuallerWrights Directory
18913 April John BlatherwickInnkeeperCensus
19011 March Ellen LanePublicanCensus
1902  Joseph RussellVictuallerWrights Directory
1905  William FarnsworthVictuallerWrights Directory
1911  William FarnsworthVictuallerWrights Directory
19112 April William FarnsworthInnkeeperCensus
1913  William FarnsworthVictuallerWrights Directory
1920  William FarnsworthVictuallerWrights Directory
1941  Arthur J Bonsall Kellys Directory

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