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Pubs, Inns, etc in Beeston

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Publicans, Beerhouse Keepers, etc in Beeston

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The Durham Ox, High Road (Turnpike), Beeston
Year Name DescriptionSource
18416 June William HeardPublicanCensus
185130 March Isaac JacksonLic. VictuallerCensus
1854  Isaac JacksonInn KeeperWrights Directory
1855  William BarkerPublicanPost Office Directory
1858  William BarkerInn KeeperWrights Directory
18617 April Samuel StreetsPublicanCensus
1862  Samuel StreetsInn KeeperWrights Directory
1864  John HenshawInn KeeperWrights Directory
18717 April James BrentnallLic. VictuallerCensus
18813 April George WilkinsonLic. VictuallerCensus
1883  George WilkinsonVictuallerWrights Directory
1885  George WilkinsonVictuallerWrights Directory
1888  Thomas OnionsVictuallerWrights Directory
18913 April Sam GreenPublicanCensus
19011 March Benjamin KirkLic. VictuallerCensus
1902  Benjamin KirkVictuallerWrights Directory
1905  Benjamin KirkVictuallerWrights Directory
1911  Benjamin KirkVictuallerWrights Directory
1913  Benjamin KirkVictuallerWrights Directory
1920  Benjamin KirkVictuallerWrights Directory
1941  Henry Britton Kellys Directory

The Greyhound, High Road (Turnpike), Beeston
Year Name DescriptionSource
18416 June Robert TebbuttPublicanCensus
185130 March James HedderleyLic. VictuallerCensus
1854  James HeddeleyInn KeeperWrights Directory
1855  James HedderleyPublicanPost Office Directory
1858  James HedderleyInn KeeperWrights Directory
18617 April Henry LoweInn KeeperCensus
1862  James ArmesonInn KeeperWrights Directory
1864  John BirleyInn KeeperWrights Directory
18717 April Thomas BirleyLic. VictuallerCensus
18813 April Harriet SkeltonPublican, Lic. VictuallerCensus
1883  Thomas WrightVictuallerWrights Directory
1885  George Thomas StoneVictuallerWrights Directory
1888  George Thomas StoneVictuallerWrights Directory
18913 April Grace StoneInn KeeperCensus
19011 March Sidney StonePublicanCensus
1902  Sidney StoneVictuallerWrights Directory
1905  Sidney StoneVictuallerWrights Directory
1911  Sidney StoneVictuallerWrights Directory
1913  Sidney StoneVictuallerWrights Directory
1920  Sidney StoneVictuallerWrights Directory
1941  Tom Stone Kellys Directory

Jolly Angler, Beeston Rylands
Year Name DescriptionSource
18416 June Samuel BradshawPublicanCensus
185130 March Elizabeth TurnerPublicanCensus
1854  Elizabeth DickinsonInn KeeperWrights Directory
1855  Mrs H DickinsonPublicanPost Office Directory
1858  Thomas PalethorpeInn KeeperWrights Directory
18617 April Thomas PalethorpePublicanCensus
1862  Thomas PalethorpeInn KeeperWrights Directory
1864  Thomas PalethorpeInn KeeperWrights Directory
18712 April Thomas PalethorpeLic. VictuallerCensus
18813 April William CooperLic. VictuallerCensus
1883  William CooperVictuallerWrights Directory
1885  William CooperVictuallerWrights Directory
1888  William CooperVictuallerWrights Directory
18913 April William CooperPublicanCensus
1901  Harry TylerVictuallerCensus
1905  Mrs Arnelin ArmstrongVictuallerWrights Directory
1911  Frederick ReavillVictuallerWrights Directory
1913  Frederick ReavillVictuallerWrights Directory
1920  Frederick ReavillVictuallerWrights Directory
1941  Frederick L Reavill Kellys Directory

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