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Pubs, Inns, etc in Beeston

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Publicans, Beerhouse Keepers, etc in Beeston

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Three Horse Shoes, The City, Beeston
Year Name DescriptionSource
1828  Thomas Chadbourne Piggotts Directory
18416 June William FlewittPublicanCensus
185130 March William FlewittLic. VictuallerCensus
1854  Mrs FlewittInn KeeperWrights Directory
1855  Mrs M FlewittPublicanPost Office Directory
1858  Mary FlewittInn KeeperWrights Directory
18617 April Mary FlewittInn KeeperCensus
1862  Mary FlewittInn KeeperWrights Directory
1864  Mary FlewittInn KeeperWrights Directory
18717 April William H RawleLic. VictuallerCensus
18813 April William WheatleyLic. VictuallerCensus
1883  William WheatleyVictuallerWrights Directory
1885  William WheatleyVictuallerWrights Directory
1888  Charlotte Eliza TaggVictuallerWrights Directory
18913 April Sam VardyManager (employee)Census
19011 March Samuel VardyPublican (employee)Census
1902  George SmithVictuallerWrights Directory
1905  Emma DixVictuallerWrights Directory
1911  Samuel BunningVictuallerWrights Directory
1913  Samuel BunningVictuallerWrights Directory
1920  Samuel BunningVictuallerWrights Directory
1941  Oliver Denison Titcombe Kellys Directory

Three Tuns, Beeston
Year Name DescriptionSource
1828  Elizabeth Palley Piggotts Directory

Victoria Hotel, Ryland Road (Dovecote Lane), Beeston
Year Name DescriptionSource
183913 September Mr Stothard(Licence Granted)Nottingham Review
184012 March John StotardOpenedNottingham Review
18617 April James MiddletonLic. VictuallerCensus
1862  James MiddletonBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
18717 April Arthur M KeighleyLic. VictuallerCensus
18813 April George WithersLic. VictuallerCensus
1883  George WithersVictuallerWrights Directory
1885  George WithersVictuallerWrights Directory
1888  Tom SheltonVictuallerWrights Directory
18913 April William E HopkinsPublicanCensus
19011 March Sarah LawtonHotel Keeper (Publican)Census
1902  Sarah LawtonVictuallerWrights Directory
1905  Sarah LawtonVictuallerWrights Directory
1911  Sarah Lawton (Mrs)VictuallerWrights Directory
1913  Sarah LawtonVictuallerWrights Directory
1920  Sarah LawtonBeerhouse KeeperWrights Directory
1941  William SmithHotel ProprietorKellys Directory

White Lion, Market Street (Middle Street), Beeston
Year Name DescriptionSource
1797(After) William Day(Opened)Deeds
1828  William Wilson Pigotts Directory
183924 July Joseph Clarkstone(Acquired)Deeds
18416 June Joseph ClarkstonPublicanCensus
18438 July John Dean(Acquired)Deeds
185130 March Amy DeanInn KeeperCensus
1854  Amy DeanInn KeeperWrights Directory
1858  Amy DeanInn KeeperWrights Directory
18617 April Amy DeanPublicanCensus
1862  Amy DeanInn KeeperWrights Directory
1864  Amy DeanInn KeeperWrights Directory
18717 April William FlewittInn KeeperCensus
18813 April William FlewittInn Keeper and PlumberCensus
1883  William FlewittVictuallerWrights Directory
1885  James Frederick PriceVictuallerWrights Directory
1888  William Francis DelmerVictuallerWrights Directory
18913 April William F DelmerHotelierCensus
19011 March George C V SmithLic. Victualler (Hotel)Census
1902  George C V SmithVictuallerWrights Directory
1905  Joseph CawthorneVictuallerWrights Directory
1911  Charles ThorntonVictuallerWrights Directory
1913  Percy L LambertVictuallerWrights Directory
1920  George Augustus LawtonVictuallerWrights Directory
1941  Mrs Inez Constance Palinby Kellys Directory

View Premises Named: B - C   D - J   M - Q   R - S   T - W

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