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The Family of Thomas Oldrini, Vicar of Beeston, Notts, 1854-1885

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Reed, Agnes F born Cir Feb 1851
Reed, Andrew Holmes born Cir 1848 died 1892
Reed, Andrew born 1787 died 1862
Reed, Charles (Sir ) born 19 Jun 1819 died 25 Mar 1881
Reed, Charles Edward Baines born 24 Jul 1845 died 29 Jul 1884
Reed, Charles Hubert born Q3 1881 died 22 Dec 1957
Reed, Edith M G born Cir 1885
Reed, Edward Baines born 23 May 1883 died Q3 1972
Reed, Elliott Pye born Cir 1854
Reed, Kenneth S born Cir 1862
Reed, Talbot Baines born 3 Apr 1852 died 28 Nov 1893
Reed, Violet A born Cir 1878
Reynolds, Suzannah born 1821 died 1890
Robertson, Agnes born 28 Aug 1768 died 9 Oct 1827
Robertson, James
Ropes, Ailie Elizabeth born 16 May 1848 died 16 Jul 1931
Royston, Richard born 1820