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The Family of Thomas Oldrini, Vicar of Beeston, Notts, 1854-1885

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Palmer, Dulcie Roberts
Potter, Alfred born Cir Apr 1857 bur. 10 Feb 1858
Potter, Alfred born 15 Dec 1827 died Sep 1878
Potter, Alice born Cir 1857
Potter, Catherine born Cir Mar 1853 died Cir Feb 1858
Potter, Claude Streets born Cir 1862 died Cir 1876
Potter, Clement Alfred born Cir 1869
Potter, Edwin William born Cir 1874
Potter, Emily Catherine born Cir 1865 died After Nov 1938
Potter, Grace born Cir Nov 1870
Potter, Lucy born Cir 1867
Potter, Margaret born Cir 1863
Potter, Maurice born Cir 1858
Potter, Phillip born Cir 1832
Potter, Samuel born Cir 1775
Potter, Sidney Pell born 10 Apr 1859 died 1935
Pulman, Ethel Katie
Pyemont, Agnes P born Cir 1852
Pyemont, Aimee born 22 Sep 1893
Pyemont, Amelia born 28 Nov 1795 died 27 Dec 1866
Pyemont, Ann Keeling bapt. 25 Jan 1797
Pyemont, Beatrice Gertrude Pyemont born Cir 1859
Pyemont, Blanche Audrey Frances born 3 Feb 1889 died Q1 1975
Pyemont, Enid born 22 Sep 1893 died Q1 1979
Pyemont, Fredrick Staveley born Cir Jan 1889
Pyemont, George
Pyemont, Iris Mary born 12 Aug 1892 died Feb 1984
Pyemont, Letitia Acton born Cir 1793 died Q1 1868
Pyemont, Louis Oxley P born 27 Mar 1854
Pyemont, Marjorie Frances born Cir 1887
Pyemont, Norah M born Cir 1888
Pyemont, Olave born Cir 1890
Pyemont, Temple Chevallier Pyemont born Cir 1857
Pyemont, Temple born Cir 1896
Pyemont, Winthrop born Cir Oct 1890 died 1981