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The Family of Thomas Oldrini, Vicar of Beeston, Notts, 1854-1885

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Ward, Emma born Cir 1839
Wedekind, Bertha Gertrude born Cir 1876 died 13 Jan 1929
Whitaker, Ellen born Cir 1848
White, David died 2003
Whitt, Ann born Cir 1847
Whitt, Ann born Cir 1828
Whitt, Archibald Freeman born Cir Jun 1895 died 13 Jan 1949
Whitt, Arthur born Cir Apr 1853 died Cir Aug 1853
Whitt, Charlotte born Cir 1859
Whitt, Emma born Cir 1852
Whitt, Fanny born Cir May 1851 died Aug 1851
Whitt, Florence Lucilla born Cir 1882
Whitt, Frances bapt. 24 Jun 1827
Whitt, Frances born Cir 1835
Whitt, Frank Howard born Cir 1886 died Q3 1892
Whitt, Frank born Cir 1855 died 23 Sep 1930
Whitt, Frederick born Cir 1848
Whitt, Frederick born Cir 1821
Whitt, George born Cir 1800
Whitt, George born Aug 1834 bur. 14 Sep 1834
Whitt, George born Cir 1844
Whitt, Mabel Elizabeth born Cir Feb 1881
Whitt, Thomas born Cir 1824
Whitt, Violet Ethel born Cir 1886
Whyte, Archibald born Cir 1910
Whyte, John David Bell born Cir 1875
Whyte, Peter Lumsdaine B born 3 Jun 1907 died Jun 1989
Whyte, Syene born Cir 1902
Whyte, William born Cir 1905
Wilson, Thomas Smith born Cir 1792
Winthrop, Susan Charlotte M born Cir 1867
Winthrop, Thomas Lyndal born Cir 1833
Wise, Amelia born Cir 1871
Wise, Joseph born Cir 1844
Wise, Robert born Cir 1873