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The Family of Thomas Oldrini, Vicar of Beeston, Notts, 1854-1885

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Sanders, Amelia
Sandon, Mary Elizabeth born Cir 1811
Smith, Amelia born Cir 1822
Smith, Arthur Cyril Pyemont born Cir Jun 1850
Smith, Emma Pyemont born Cir 1844
Smith, Francis Samuel Pyemont born 23 Nov 1845 died 29 May 1906
Smith, Frederick Pyemont born Cir 1848
Smith, George Pyemont born Cir 1816
Smith, George
Smith, Georgina L born Cir 1844
Smith, John Pyemont born Cir 1819 died 12 Feb 1899
Smith, Mary J E born Cir 1849
Smith, Ruth Amelia Pyemont born Cir 1842
Smith, Samuel born Cir 1821 died 14 Mar 1875
Smith, Samuel born 14 Oct 1790 died 19 Nov 1867
Smith, Walter L born Cir 1849
Stayner, Agnes M born Cir 1875
Stayner, Bertha C born Cir 1868
Stayner, Charles A born Cir 1864
Stayner, Frederick S born Cir 1866
Stayner, Lawrence G born Cir 1870
Stayner, Richard W born Cir 1877
Stayner, Thomas L born Cir 1838
Stephenson, Sybil Gladys born 5 Mar 1927 died 16 Jun 1998
Stofer, Elizabeth born 29 Apr 1797 died 28 Jul 1870
Stofer, Robert
Streets, Ann born Cir 1828
Streets, Catherine born Cir 1831
Streets, Emma born Cir 1833
Streets, John Jessy born Cir 1836
Streets, John born Cir 1801
Streets, John born Cir 1825
Streets, Phoebe born Cir 1824