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The Family of Thomas Oldrini, Vicar of Beeston, Notts, 1854-1885

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Hallam, Frances born Cir 1795 died Feb 1855
Harris, died 1832
Hazzledine, Peter died 2005
Hebblethwaite, Alice Maude born Cir 1862
Hebblethwaite, Amy born Cir 1865
Hebblethwaite, Cornelius born Cir 1859
Hebblethwaite, Douglas Nichols born Q3 1879 died Q4 1951
Hebblethwaite, Ella Constance born 9 Oct 1887 died Q4 1971
Hebblethwaite, Ella G born Cir 1910
Hebblethwaite, Emmeline Mary born Cir 1849
Hebblethwaite, Eric Percival born 10 Feb 1908 died Jul 1985
Hebblethwaite, Faith Hilda born Q1 1885 died Q3 1959
Hebblethwaite, Fanny born Cir 1867
Hebblethwaite, Frances May born Q2 1893
Hebblethwaite, Harold Percival born Q4 1877 died 4 Nov 1941
Hebblethwaite, Jessie born Cir 1853
Hebblethwaite, Kate born Cir 1861
Hebblethwaite, Louis born Cir 1856
Hebblethwaite, Lucy born Cir 1869
Hebblethwaite, Minna born Cir 1863
Hebblethwaite, Pamela Ann born Cir 1924 died 5 Apr 2010
Hebblethwaite, Percival born 20 Oct 1849 died 23 Feb 1922
Hebblethwaite, Roger Percival Bristowe born 18 Jul 1940 died 30 May 2004
Hebblethwaite, Susan L born Q3 1935 died 13 Aug 2007
Hebblethwaite, Thomas Frederick born Cir 1823 died 2 Dec 1890
Hebblethwaite, William Henry born Cir 1852
Howard, Elizabeth Ann born Cir 1853 died Q1 1899
Hume, Isabella
Hume, Patrick (Sir )
Hunt, Jane born 22 Nov 1851 died 29 Mar 1894